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How to free convert webpage to PDF online?

How to free convert webpage to PDF online?

In order to convert the web page to PDF document which is easy to be stored, transferred, etc., the free online tool VeryPDF online Tools Free Web to PDF Online is a good choice for the conversion which can be accomplished by only four steps.

Sometimes people may come across some webpage with the content which is useful and valuable. Maybe you want to save the total Webpage so that you can view or use it later. Of course, this file can be used as a backup file? So with Free Web to PDF Online, the webpage can be converted to PDF document.

The following contents are the steps to convert webpage to PDF.

  • Please visit the application homepage at first: Free Web to PDF Online.
  • Input the URL of some webpage in Enter a URL edit box.
  • Click Create PDF File button.
  • Wait for several seconds, a window for saving target file will pop up. Then please choose an output location for the created PDF document.

There is a tested example for converting web to PDF document for free by using PDF Free Web to PDF Online.

The testing webpage URL is http://online.verypdf.com/.

The conversion process is like the one shown in the following snapshot.

convert webpage to PDF with Free Web to PDF Online

The created PDF document is like the one shown in the following snapshot.

created PDF after the conversion from webpage to PDF 

Free Web to PDF Online is a simple online tool to help you convert any webpage to PDF with URL online conveniently, instantly and quickly. As long as there is internet on your computer, and with URL, any webpage could be converted into PDF file so easily that it could be saved on your computer.

But please remember that Free Web to PDF Online can convert the webpage less than 10M to PDF document. If you need to convert a bigger webpage or batch convert web page to PDF documents, please take the desktop application VeryPDF HTML to PDF Converter or VeryPDF HTML Converter Command Line.

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Convert Webpage to PDF online with free online tool

Convert Webpage to PDF online with free online tool

If there are some useful information in a Webpage and you want to save the whole Webpage as your own document, do you know how to do? If you don’t have any application installed on your computer and you don’t want to purchase any program, do you know which kind of application you can use?

Please don’t worry, the free online tool VeryPDF Online Tools  Free Web to PDF Online will do you a great favor. The PDF document shown in Figure 1 is created by this free online software.

webpage to pdf

                                                        Figure 1

With the help of Free Web to PDF Online, you don’t need to install any applications on your computer as long as you can connect to Internet by your computer. By following the steps shown below, you can easily convert Webpage to PDF with this tool.

1. Please enter the homepage of Free Web to PDF Online via clicking here.

2. Input the URL of the Webpage that you want to convert in Enter a URL edit box. Please see it in Figure 2.

input the URL of Webpage

                                                        Figure 2

3. Click Create PDF File button to convert Webpage to PDF online. Please see it in Figure 3.

start to convert Webpage to PDF

                                                        Figure 3

4. Save the created PDF document in some location of your computer.

Free Web to PDF Online is convenient and quick enough because you can find this application online anytime. But it can only convert one Webpage to one PDF at one time. If you want to make batch conversion, you have to turn to the desktop application HTML Converter.

If you have any questions about this free online tool or the desktop application HTML Converter, welcome contact our support team.

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Best tools to convert URL to PDF

Best tools to convert URL to PDF

Want to convert URL to PDF? Which kind of webpage converter do you prefer? An free online URL to PDF converter, or a desktop URL converter? This article recommends some best tools which can help you quickly convert URL to PDF. 

1. Free Web to PDF Online—a free online tool

Free Web to PDF Online is a free online URL to PDF converter which only requires two steps to convert a website or a webpage to PDF. It is designed for smart phone or mobile device users like you to convert a webpage to PDF. You No need to install Adobe products like Adobe Acrobat on your computer.

Just take three steps, and you can quickly turn a webpage to PDF.

Step 1: Visit the website of Free Web to PDF Online

You can just  visit the webpage of Free Web to PDF Online, and then convert any webpage to PDF as you like.

In case you want to learn more, you can visit the homepage of VeryPDF Online Tools at first, –> then, click Product on the top of the homepage to swith to the Products page, –> click Free Web to PDF Online on the Products page and you can open the page of Free Web to PDF Online.

Step 2: Enter a URL

Just enter or paste the URL or the website address of the webpage you want to convert in the edit box.

Step 3: Start conversion

Click the Create PDF File button, then you can instantly download and save the output PDF file on your local disk.

[Note]: image This tool is total free and stand-alone. You don’t need to install any application on your mobile device or computer.

              However, if the original webpage contains too many images, or flashes, or videos, as the other online tools, this tool will take much time to process the conversion. Under such a circumstance, you are recommended to try the following products.


2. docPrint—set various options when convert URL to PDF

docPrint is a star product of VeryPDF. It is also named Document Converter. This tool can be used to convert any type of documents into PDF very quickly including convert URL to PDF. It allows you to set various options so than you can set page size, add watermarks, change page orientation, etc.

You can Click Here to Download the software. After installing it on the computer, you can do as follows:

Step 1: Open the webpage you want to convert.

Step 2: Call docPrint

Press Ctrl+P and then choose docPrint as the printer in the Print dialog box and click Print.The main interface of docPrint pops out, and you can proceed to the next step.

Step 3: Set options

Click the buttons at the top of the main interface to set options. After that go to the next step. You can set options as follows:

  • Set color depth
  • Set resolution
  • Rotate page orientation
  • Change page order
  • Put multiple pages on the same paper
  • Add watermarks
  • Put pages on both sides of every paper

Step 4: Save web as PDF

Click the save icon on the main interface, and then save the webpage as PDF on your computer.

Some of you may need to encrypt PDF, set permissions for output PDF, remove hyperlinks, delete original images. In order to solve such problems, you need the use a professional Web to PDF Converter like the following one:


3. HTML Converter—a professinal web to PDF converter

VeryPDF HTML converter provides a command line version as well as a GUI version. It’s a powerful webpage to PDF converter. You can accurately and quickly convert a large webpage to a PDF file conveniently. When convert a website to PDF, you can use it to set not only the options supported by docPrint, but also can set options as follows:

  • Encrypt PDF
  • Adjust webpage content automatically to fit to the paper
  • Set PDF properties
  • Set permissions
  • Change links in PDF
  • Monitor output directory

4. HTML to Any Converter—a powerful web converter

HTML to Any Converter only provides a beta version at present. If you want to evaluate, you can contact with the support group of VeryPDF by sending emails to support@verypdf.com. This tool is very powerful. It can convert HTML or Web to PDF, HTML or Web to image, HTML or Web to other formats like PS and PCL. Of course, you can use it to convert website to PDF. Different from the former software applications, this tool can help you

  • Delete or edit links in PDF
  • Deal with flash and Java data
  • Add annotation
  • Collate when print multiple copies
  • Set HTTP header
  • Support convert protected website to PDF
  • Allow you to use proxy
  • Turn forms on a webpage to editable forms on PDF
  • Use another webpage as a cover when convert a webpage to PDF


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A Powerful PDF Maker—PDF Creator

A Powerful PDF Maker—PDF Creator

Maybe you need to convert multiple kinds of file formats to PDF document everyday. Do you have a helpful handy tool? If not, please choose VeryPDF PDF Creator which is a virtual printer designed for you to create PDF document from any kinds of printable documents, including file formats of MS Office, OpenOffice, TXT, HTML, Webpage, AutoCAD, various image formats, etc. It is also a good tool for editing PDF description, encrypting PDF document, emailing created PDF, etc.

In this article, you will see how to use PDF Creator to create PDF document. Before knowing how it works, you need to download and install it on your computer by following the installation wizard. In the end of the installation, you will be reminded whether to set this virtual printer as default printer. Of course, you are recommended to choose Yes if you need to create PDF document often. Please see the introduction for this application in below contents.

Set parameters

You will not see PDF Creator in your computer disk because it locates in Printers and Faxes folder. Please find it, right click the printer and click Properties—Printing Preferences to open the window which contains ten tabs. Then you can set different parameters in each tab.

Page Setup

In this tab, you can customize PDF page size, page margin, page orientation, PDF graphic resolution, etc. according to your needs.

set PDF page

Figure 1


In this tab, you can compress color, grayscale or Monochrome image for created PDF document with different kinds of compression methods to reduce the PDF size.

compress PDF

Figure 2

Doc Info

In this tab, you can choose the version for output PDF document for suite different PDF reader or viewer. You can also edit PDF description like Title, Subject, Author, etc.

edit PDF description

Figure 3

Save as

In this tab, you can choose the output location for target files if you want to create PDF documents in batches. You can also the rename methods. For viewing the target file at the first time when the conversion is over, please check the option View after creation.

save PDF in batches

Figure 4

Font Embedding

You can add all the fonts appear in source file in this tab so that the created PDF document can be successfully read in any PDF viewer or any computer.

embed font

Figure 5


In this tab, you can choose to encrypt PDF by adding open password to protect the document from being opened freely or set permissions for protecting the document from being modified, copied, printed, etc. The encryption level can be set as 40 or 128-bit.

encrypt PDF

Figure 6


This tab enables you to email the created PDF document to your friends, families, etc. via SMTP server. You just need to input the address of recipients, Outgoing SMTP Server, your authentication user name and password. Then check Email after creation in Save as tab shown in Figure 4, this function will be activated.

email PDF

Figure 7

Then please click OK button. When you want to create PDF document, you just need to print the document to PDF Creator, then the conversion will be done. There are also Pro version and COM version of PDF Creator for your requirements. For more information, please visit its homepage.

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