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Create Flipbook from PDF for free online

If you have a pdf document which contains many beautiful images, do you want to show it to your friends online? If so, you can create flipbook which contains flipping animation like a e-book and can be browsed by different kinds of browsers like FireFox, Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer 9 and Opera.


The free online tool Free Online Flipbook allows you to convert local or online pdf to flipbook just by three steps:

1. Load your PDF document

  • If you want to convert local pdf to flipbook, please click the button Browse or click the box beside the button to choose the path of pdf document in popup window. Please see it in Figure 1.
  • If you want to convert online pdf to flipbook, please check the option Online PDF File and input the URL of the document in the edit box.

load pdf document to create flipbook

                                                          Figure 1

2. Choose model for the flipbook

This free online tool supplies several kinds of models for your flipbook to make it seem more beautiful, cute and interesting. Just choose one that you like. Please see it in Figure 2.

choose flipbook model to convert pdf to flipbook

                                                          Figure 2

3.Show or hide the buttons in created flipbook

There will be some buttons in the created flipbook like download button, drag button, etc. You can choose True to show the buttons or choose False to hide the buttons. Please see it in Figure 3.

show or hide buttons for created flipbook

                                                         Figure 3

4. Create flipbook

Then you can click the button View Flipbook to view your created flipbook online. Then you can share it through Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. You can click here to see the flipbook created by me. To create an online flipbook, please click the following button!


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Free Online PDF to Flipbook Converter

Free Online PDF to Flipbook Converter

If you want to convert PDF to flipbook online without downloading anything, if you want to view PDF with flipping effects on your iPads or mobile phones, if you want to use your favorite wallpaper as the background of the flipping book,  you can try VeryPDF Online PDF to Flipbook Converter.


How to get it?

VeryPDF Online PDF to Flipbook Converter provides two versions: the free online version and the desktop version. Both can run well under windows and Mac operating systems. 


Why choose it?

Powerful functions are supported by both the online flipbook maker and desktop flipbook maker:

1. Convert PDF to flipbook quickly—support local PDF and remote PDF stored in cloud

2. Use your favorite image as the background of the flipbook

3. Define the skin of the flipbook: change the color of the tool bar, buttons, etc.

4. Add hard cover to the flipbook if you like

5. Provide a built-in search engine

6. Provide a navigation panel

7. Fit to screen/ self-defined screen

8. Define the auto-flipping time

9. Preview the effect before converting from PDF to flipbook

10. Share flipbook online with social network

11. Zoom in and zoom out

12. Display the current page number as well as the total page number

13. Download or save the result file after converting PDF to flipbook

14. Print result flipbooks

15. Add watermarks to flipbooks

16. Drag flip books on the screen


Including the mentioned features, the desktop version of this flipbook maker also has the following powerful functions:

  • Support more input formats: images, password protected PDF…
  • Support more output formats: ZIP, EXE…
  • Provide more templates.



The following are some screenshots of flipbooks converted from PDFs. I hope this tool can help you convert your fashion magazines, journals, brochure and other type of eBooks to flipbooks with the effect you like.


magazine pdf to flipbook journal pdf to pdf
house pdf to flipbook sports magazine to pdf
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Free Online PDF to Flash Converter—Make Animated Book Online Quickly

Free Online PDF to Flash Converter—Make Animated Book Online Quickly

If you want to turn PDF to flash book with animated effect, you can use Online Flipbook, a free online tool provided by VeryPDF Online Tools, to turn your PDF into flash online easily and quickly. The illustration below shows the effect of a flip book created by this free online tool.

Free Online PDF to Flash Converter  

Use pdf to flash converter online  http://online.verypdf.com/

For Whom Online Flipbook is designed?

Online Flipbook is specially developed for mobile device users who like reading but don’t want to bring their book everywhere. If you have a smart mobile phone, an iPad, a laptop and can connect to the web, you can read everywhere at anytime.  VeryPDF Online Tools  provides good services to facilitate the access to your PDF documents.


Why choose Online Flipbook ?

  • Read PDF stored in Cloud         —You can use Online Flipbook to turn PDF stored in Cloud or on servers like dropbox into flash book, and then enjoy reading anywhere.
  • Quickly upload and convert      —Advanced methods are used to make sure that your PDF file can be  quickly uploaded and converted.  No need to wait long.
  • Smoothly flip pages                   —The pages of the created flipbook can be turn smoothly. Touch the screen of your mobile phone or device, you can flip the flash book pages as you like.
  • User Friendly interface             —Tou  can use the tool buttons to turn pages forward or backward, zoom in or out pages, fit pages to the screen, move pages, etc,.
  • Share flipbook online instantly —You can share your flipbook online instantly through email, blog, Facebook, twitter, etc.
  • Safe and secure                         —The PDF file you uploaded to VeryPDF Online Tools won’t be used, distributed or stored. VeryPDF Online Tools regularly deletes such data regularly.
  • Change skin freely                    —You can change the color of the background, buttons, navigation background, tool bar of the created PDF.
  • Totally free                               —This online PDF to flash creator is a totally free online flash creator.


Use It Now!

Wanna use Online Flipbook to create funny animated flipbook right away? click the button below to start using it to convert your PDF to flash!

Use pdf to flash converter online  http://online.verypdf.com/

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Why choose VeryPDF Online Flipbook?

Why choose VeryPDF Online Flipbook?

VeryPDF Online Flipbook is FREE software, which can help you convert PDF to flipbook easily. It is designed for Apple, Android portable devices, Sony eBook readers, Mac and Windows computers. With the help of this tool, you can make 3D effect eBook from PDF. You can use VeryPDF Online Flipbook to read your local PDF or any PDF file you store in Cloud, or on servers. VeryPDF Online Flipbook supports master password protected PDF files.

VeryPDF Online Flipbook

The following are some key features of VeryPDF Online Flipbook.

3D effect

You can create a flipbook with 3D effect from any PDF quickly and easily. The 3D effect makes you feel that you are really flipping a book when dragging on the screen. 

Flip pages swiftly

You can either drag mouse to slowly flip pages or double click on any page corner to quickly turn pages. The page your are dragging looks like a paper page, and can curve as a real one.

Zoom in and zoom out

To make the book fit reading, you may need to zoom in or zoom out the pages. There are three buttons for you to adjust the page size: zoom in, zoom out and switch to full screen.  

Designed for Apple, Android phones, computers…

With the help of VeryPDF Online Flipbook, you can enjoy reading at any place. No need to bring your PDF with you. No need to store your PDF on your cell phone… Just store your PDF on a free server like Dropbox and then use  VeryPDF Online Flipbook to open it anywhere.

Share flipbook on social network instantly

VeryPDF Online Flipbook supports social network. You can freely share your PDF with anyone online. Just send the link to your readers through email, twitter, facebook, blog, etc., and then they can read the flipbook without downloading anything like Acrobat or the PDF.

Want to convert PDF to flipbook free? Please visit the homepage of VeryPDF Online Flipbook by clicking online.verypdf.com/flipbook. Start enjoying reading right away. 

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