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Use free online tool to convert HTML to PDF document easily

Use free online tool to convert HTML to PDF document easily

The free online tool VeryPDF Online Tools Free Online HTML to PDF Converter is a powerful online program which can be used to convert HTML to PDF document just by inputting URL and one click. The following contents will show you how to use this free online tool.

By clicking this link, you can enter the homepage of this program to convert URL to PDF document. Then please do as follows:

1. Please input the URL that you want to convert as PDF document in the edit box like the one shown in Figure 1.

enter URL in the edit box

                                                          Figure 1

2. Click Create PDF File button like the one shown in Figure 2

convert HTML to PDF

                                                           Figure 2

3. Save the converted PDF document in popup window box. Please see it in Figure 3.

save created PDF document

                                               Figure 3

4. After the conversion from HTML to PDF, you will see the created PDF document automatically displayed by the default PDF viewer installed on your computer. Please see it in Figure 4.

created PDF document after the conversion from HTML to PDF

                                                     Figure 4

If you want to convert HTML to PDF documents in batches or you need to convert local HTML to PDF, maybe you can try the desktop application of VeryPDFHTML Converter which can convert HTML pages to PDF, PS, JPG and other image formats. It also supports conversions from EMF, WMF and RTF to PDF and images. This converter supports batch conversion and has a command line version HTML Converter Command Line.

For more information about this conversion or this free online tool, please contact the support team.

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Convert local or URL PDF to Word document online for free

Convert local or URL PDF to Word document online for free

As the development of free online tools, you are able to make different kinds of conversion like PDF to Word online anytime as long as you can connect to Internet. You can use the program Free PDF to Word Online Tools of VeryPDF Online Tools.

This free online tool allows you to convert your local PDF or online PDF to Word within a short time. In the following contents, you can see how to use this online tool to make the conversion. There are two situations that you may come across:

  • Convert local PDF to Word document

convert local PDF to Word

                                                         Figure 1

  1. You can click the edit box Input a PDF file or click Browse button to open file picker window in which you need to choose a PDF document that you want to convert to Word document.
  2. Choose the output format as DOC Microsoft Office Word in Output Format dropdown list.
  3. Click Upload and Convert button to run the conversion.

convert URL PDF to Word

                                                         Figure 2

  1. Input the URL or PDF document in Or enter a URL edit box.
  2. Choose the output format as DOC Microsoft Office Word in Output Format edit box.
  3. Click Upload and Convert button.


                                                  Figure 3

Several seconds later, you can save the created Word document in some location of your computer.

But the free online tool limits you to convert PDF to Word document in batches. If you need to make batch conversion, you can choose the desktop program of VeryPDF PDF to Word Converter.

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Hot Features of PDFPrint Command Line

What is PDFPrint Command Line? PDFPrint Command Line is a professional tool for printing PDF files to any windows printers. This CMD application help you accomplish command line operation quickly. Most important thing, is that, there is no need any third-party PDF tools. Hot features of PDFPrint Command Line:
  • Supported languages: Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, French, Danish, Dutch, English, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, etc.
  • Various PDF files
  • Process in batches
  • Sufficient printing options for you to select, e.g., select printer, page range, page mode, page offset, copies, selectable paper size, orientation, flexible copy numbers, printer orientation, color mode, embedded fonts, printed quality with DPI, great page range setting, duplex printing, collate, scale on printer, etc.
  • Directly print owner password protected PDF files
  • Flexible watermarks with different forms
  • Save the PDF print spool file on disk
How to experience and know more of PDFPrint Command Line right now? PDFPrint Command Line is really worth your try. Want to experience it, please click here. Want to know more of PDFPrint Command Line, please visit homepage of PDFPrint Command Line, where you could not only find command line version, but also SDK version and GUI version for you to choose accordingly.
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Why Do We All Love HTML to PDF Command Line?

HTML to PDF Command Line is a CMD application for Windows users to realize manual or script controls with command line, which could be mainly used for processes from HTML to PDF, HTML to PS, HTML to TIFF etc.. Moreover, different licenses could provide users different simple operation indeed. Here, if you are interested in HTML to PDF Command Line, and want to try this CMD tool, it is convenient for you to click here. The top features of HTML to PDF Command Line are as follows, which could help you know HTML to PDF Command Line further:
  • Supported systems – 32 bits and 64 bits Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7 systems.
  • No problem for running alone.
  • Various input formats – HTML, EMF, WMF and RTF
  • Various output formats – PDF, PS (PostScript), TIF (TIFF), JPG (JPEG), GIF, PNG, PCX, TGA, JP2, BMP, WMF, EMF and PNM.
  • No problem for HTML files including asp, css, cookie, cgi, Java Applets, flash.
  • Merge multiple source files to single PDF.
  • Various encryption modes and different permissions for protecting PDF files safely and flexibly with open password and owner password.
  • Repair some special WMF files professionally
  • Flexible PDF information
  • Processes in batches with wildcard characters etc..
  • Different objective resolution and bit count.
  • Split objective files easily and directly
  • Edit link levels accordingly
  • Set watermark, e.g, font, location, color etc..
  • Edit bookmarks flexibly
  • Create PS files with different paths
  • Set web browser window size to adjust HTML page automatically.
  • Customize paper size for HTML to PDF conversion.
  • Set page orientation (portrait or landscape) for HTML Conversion.
  • Support frames with HTML webpage.
  • Retain hyperlinks from HTML to PDF.
  • Compress images with compression filter
  • Flexible PDF margins
Besides command line, HTML to PDF application could provide you other version, like GUI version etc.. And want to know more about HTML to PDF Command Line and other versions, please enter here. Of course, to know more supported parameters and how to use HTML to PDF Command Line more accurately, when you convert HTML to PDF, HTML to PS, or HTML to TIFF etc. singly or in batches, please enter user manual.
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Two Ways to Use Document Converter

Two Ways to Use Document Converter

Document Converter is the professional version of VeryPDF Document Printer which contains two kinds of virtual printer: docPrint and docPrint PDF Driver. This Pro version—Document Converter contains GUI and command line applications inside and they can all convert varieties of printable documents to PDF or some kinds of image formats and set parameters for the target file. This article will show you how to use this application by GUI way and command line way.

First of all, please download the application via clicking here. Only by following the setup wizard, you will be easily fulfill the installation task.

GUI way

1. Open the application and add file (s)

You can open the GUI application by clicking the application icon or open it through Start menu. Please see the user-friendly interface of Document Converter in Figure 1. There is a file list in the interface and if you want to add document (s) into it, you can use any one of the following ways:(Here we take DOC document as the example)

add file (s) in Document Converter

Figure 1

  • Click the button image to open file picker window and choose document (s) in it.
  • Click File (F)—Add Files to open the file picker window.
  • Click Insert button to open file picker window.
  • Click File (F)—Add Directory to choose the documents in some folder, which is designed for batch conversion.

2. Make Settings

  • Please click image button to open the setting window which contains five tabs. Please see Basic Setting tab in Figure 2. To convert DOC to PDF document, you need to choose the output format as .pdf in Output format dropdown list. If you want to view the target file after conversion, please check the option View after conversion.


Basic setting tab

Figure 2

  • In Save Image Mode tab shown in Figure 3, you are able to set the image color depth as 1, 8 or 24-bit in Image Color Depth dropdown list. You can also select image resolution in Image Resolution dropdown list. The options in this tab will be useful when you choose output format as image format.

image setting

Figure 3

  • You can set the parameters for output PDF document in next three tabs. Please see Save PDF Mode tab in Figure 4. You can choose PDF making ways in Make PDF files mode group box, specify the save mode for target file in Save mode group box, select the destination for newly created PDF document in Destination group box.

save PDF

Figure 4

  • In PDF Info tab, you can edit PDF descriptions like Title, Author, Keywords, etc. Please see it in Figure 5.

edit PDF description

Figure 5

  • To encrypt PDF document, you can set user and master passwords in PDF Security tab shown in Figure 6. You can also check different permissions to allow the created PDF documents being printed, modified, copied, etc.

encrypt PDF

Figure 6

3. Run the conversion

Then please click OK button and click Start button in main interface of Document Converter to run the conversion from DOC to PDF in batches. The conversion will come to the end several seconds later.

Command line way

The executable file doc2pdf.exe in installation folder of Document Converter is the command line called program and you need to call it in MS-DOS interface. Please open MS-DOS interface by clicking Start—Run and input cmd in Open combo box, then click OK button. For learning the usage of the command line application, you can drag doc2pdf.exe into MS-DOS interface to see its usage as shown in Figure 7.

command line usage

Figure 7

There are three examples which are written by following the command line usage.

  • doc2pdf -s openpwd=123 -s ownerpwd=456 -s keylen=0 -s permission=3900 -i C:\test.doc -o C:\out.pdf
  • doc2pdf -a "Author" -i C:\input.dwg -o C:\output.pdf
  • doc2pdf -i C:\test.pdf -o C:\out.tif -c 4 -b 1 -r 200
  • doc2pdf -i C:\*.doc -o C:\*.pdf

The first three examples are for convert single file. The first one is to convert DOC to PDF and set open password as 123 and owner password as 456. The key length is set as 0 which stands for 40 bit RC4 encryption. Permission is 3900 which means denying anything. The second one is to convert DWG to PDF file and set PDF author as Author. The third one is to convert PDF to TIF format and compress the target file with CCITT Group 4 fax encoding method, set color depth as 1-bit, specify output resolution as 200 DPI.

The last example is for converting DOC to PDF in batches.

There are more useful information about Document Converter at its homepage. If you are interested in it, just enter the page now!

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How to Use PDF to Word Converter

How to Use PDF to Word Converter

The application VeryPDF PDF to Word Converter supplies two ways for converting PDF to DOC, DOCX of MS Office Word, RTF document: GUI method and command line method. There are six kinds of reconstruction modes which are able to ensure the accurate output layouts of the target file. You can also set the page range for the converted PDF page. In addition, the application supports to only retain text in target file by deleting all pictures of graphics. With a huge language basement, PDF to Word Converter supports more than fifteen kinds of languages.

GUI method

1. Download and install PDF to Word Converter

Please click here to download PDF to Word Converter to your computer and then double click the installer and follow the setup wizard to finish the installation step by step, which is easy enough for everyone. 

2. Add file (s)

After opening the application by double clicking its icon or open from Start menu, you will see the smart user interface of PDF to Word Converter like the one shown in Figure 1, you can add files into it by clicking File—Open or use the shortcut key Ctrl+ F to open file picker window in which you can choose the document (s) to be converted. Or you can drag and drop PDF document (s) into the application directly.

Interface of PDF to Word Converter

Figure 1

3. Set parameters for output file

After adding PDF document (s), the window Preferences which is for setting PDF parameters will pop up and you can make different settings in it according to your needs. Please see the window in Figure 2. Four tabs are available for setting different parameters.


Figure 2

In Reconstruction Mode, you can control the output layout for target file by choosing the suitable mode. For knowing the detailed information about each mode, you can read the user manual PDF to Word Converter.

In General Tab, you can set the converted page range for converted PDF document, either all pages or specified page range. You can also customize the output Word page zoom percentage from 50% to 200%.

In Language tab, you can choose Auto or English Document. If there are some non-English PDF documents, you can easily convert them to Word document with the help of the language basement embedded in PDF to Word Converter. 

In Graphics tab, you can choose to delete all pictures of graphics (Like line, arc, etc.) in original PDF document for reducing the file size of output document.

4. Save target file

After clicking on OK button, the dialog box for saving target file (s) will pop up. If you convert a single file, you need to save the target file in Save as dialog box. If you convert a batch of files, you will need to save target files in Browse for folder window.

Command line method

1. Open MS-DOS interface

Use following two ways to open MS-DOS interface:

  • Click Start—Run and input cmd or CMD in Open combo box, then click OK button.
  • Use shortcut key Window+ R to open Run dialog box and then do the same work.

2. Type your command line

The usage of PDF to Word Converter is like the one below:

PDF2Word [Option] –i <PDF File> -o [<DOC File>]

To apply the usage template, please see a successfully run command line example:

PDF2Word –z 100 -f 2 -l 10 -i D:\input.pdf -o D:\output.doc

In the command line,

PDF2Word stands for the called program PDF2Word.exe in the folder of the application.

  • -z 100 means the zoom percentage of output DOC document.
  • -f 2 is to specify the first converted page as 2.
  • -l 10 is to specify the last converted page as 8.
  • -i following with D:\input.pdf is the path of source file.
  • -o following with D:\a.doc is the path of target file.

3. Run the conversion

At last, please don’t forget to press Enter button on the keyboard to run the conversion. If you want to learn more options about the command line, you can use the command –h or –? to print the usage information in MS-DOS interface.

You can get more useful information about PDF to Word Converter when you enter its homepage. If you input scan or image PDF document or when you find PDF to Word Converter cannot export exact text as normal, maybe you can try PDF to Word OCR Converter or Scan to Word OCR Converter.

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About Practical Office to PDF Command Line

Office to PDF Command Line allows you to convert files of Office to PDF with command line singly or in batches. In addition, this CMD application also support other source formats, e.g., XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX, ODT, ODS, ODP etc., and other objective formats, e.g., PS, EPS, SWF, SVG, HPGL, PCL, EMF, JPG, TIFF, GIF etc.. And users could edit properties of objective files in processes from Office to PDF, e.g., DOC to PDF, XLS to PDF. Want to experience Office to PDF Command Line right now, please enter here. Here is the usage of Office to PDF Command Line below:

doc2any.exe [options] <input file> [<output file>]


  • doc2any.exe is used for calling “doc2any.exe”
  • [options] could be any parameters for editing objective properties optionally
  • <input file> stands for source path, which is used for adding source file
  • [<output file>] stands for objective path, which is typed for exporting target file
Typical examples with Office to PDF Command Line are as follows, which could be helpful to you: Note: the following input format could be replaced by another supported source format, which is suitable for objective format, if it is allowed and proper
  • Basic single process

doc2any.exe d:\in.doc f:\out.pdf

doc2any.exe c:\*.doc e:\*.pdf

  • Typical process to edit PDF margin in accordance with four directions – “left, top, right, bottom”

doc2any.exe -margin 100x100x100x100 f:\in.rtf d:\out.pdf

  • Typical conversion for setting PDF width and height

doc2any.exe -width 888 -height 444 f:\*.doc g:\out.pdf

  • Typical example of merging dozens of source files into existed PDF

doc2any.exe -append 2 g:\*.doc f:\out.pdf

  • Practical process to encrypt PDF

doc2any.exe -ownerpwd 543210 -keylen 2 -encryption 3900 f:\in3.doc h:\out2.pdf

(-keylen 2: encrypt file with 124 bits RC4; -encryption 3900: nothing allowed to change or print file etc. )

doc2any.exe -xres 300 -yres 300 -bitcount 1 -compression 4 “f:\in.doc” “d:\export.tif”

(-compression 4: CCITT Group 4 Fax Encoding )

  • Practical conversion for specified page range

doc2any.exe -pagerange “1,5-6,9” “e:\input2.docx” “d:\output.htm”

  • Interesting process to add watermark on PDF

doc2any.exe -wtext “VeryPDF Online” -wf “Arial” “g:\sample1.doc” C:\export1.pdf


With Office to PDF Command Line, it is so simple and fast to process relative tasks on computers of Windows systems! Besides command line version, Office to PDF Command Line can offer you GUI version, SDK version and COM version. To know more about Office to PDF Command Line and other versions, it is convenient for you to click here.
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Try to Use PDF Split-Merge Software

Try to Use PDF Split-Merge Software

Do you need to split a multi-page PDF document to multiple single pages PDF documents or do you need to merge single-page PDF document to multi-page one? If you have this kinds of needs, you will need the application VeryPDF PDF Split-Merge Software which is a professional program designed to split PDF or merge PDF document. It is also capable of deleting some pages of PDF documents.

image image

For using this application, you need to follow the steps shown below:

Step1. Download and install PDF Split-Merge Software

You can download this application by clicking this link. To install the application, you just need to double click the setup file and follow the setup wizard. For your work convenience, you can create a desktop icon for the application.

Step2. Implement needed function in opened interface

When you open PDF Split-Merge Software, you will see there is a tab control which contains four tabs in the interface. By clicking each tab, you can realize one function.

  • Split PDF file/Extract pages

When you click this tab, you are able to split multi-page PDF document to single page ones. There are several split rules for your choice, for example, you can split PDF by bookmarks, by every xxx page (s), split PDF into single pages, etc. Then please choose the output location for target files.

split PDF

Figure 1

  • Merge PDF

To realize this function, you need to click Merge PDF files tab like the one shown in Figure 2. Drag and drop the file you need into the file list or click Add button to open file picker window from which you are able to choose the document you need. You can move up or down, remove or view the selected PDF document in file list. In Output file group box, please set the output location for target file and then click Run button. 


merge PDF

Figure 2

  • Delete page

Please click Delete page/page range tab, just see it in Figure 3. Just add the PDF document that you want to delete PDF page and then you can choose the delete options like deleting specified single page, deleting pages from xxx to xxx or Specify pages such as “5, 7-9, 10, 20”. Then select the output location and click Run button.

delete PDF page

Figure 3

  • Cross-Merge PDF Files

If you have two PDF document and you want to cross-merge the pages of them together, please click Cross-Merge PDF Files tab. See it in Figure 4. Add two PDF documents into the application and then choose the output destination. Then please click Run button.

cross-merge PDF

Figure 4

You will find that there is an Option button in the whole interface of PDF Split-Merge Software. When you click it, you will see the popup window like the following one. You can check the options Retain Bookmarks or Retain AcroForms.

set opions in Options window

Figure 5

In addition, PDF Split-Merge Software supplies SDK version for software developers. If you are interested in both of them, please visit the homepage of this application.

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A Powerful PDF Editing Tool—Advanced PDF Tools

A Powerful PDF Editing Tool—Advanced PDF Tools

As we all know that there are different kinds of PDF descriptions in one PDF document like tile, subject, author, creator, producer, password, etc. If you want to edit or change these information, you may need to open the PDF document and change them one by one. But if you have VeryPDF Advanced PDF Tools installed on your computer, you will be able to make this work with high quality and efficiency.

Advanced PDF Tools is able to edit PDF description, set Open action for the edited PDF document, modify the page size, optimize PDF by removing metadata, javascript, bookmark, etc., compress image, customize new description, etc. The batch process mode allows you to edit PDF property fast one time.

If you need to use this application, please download it via clicking here. Just by double clicking the installer and following with the installation wizard, you will be easily finish the installation process. Then you can open Start menu or double click the application icon to launch Advance PDF Tools. You will see a tab control in the interface and the default one is Summary tab which is shown in Figure 1.

summary tab of Advanced PDF Tools

Figure 1

Now what you need to do is to add PDF document into the application. You can click Open button to open file picker window and choose document from it or you can directly drag the file you need and drop into the file list.

In this tab, you can edit different properties for input PDF document like title, subject, author, keywords, etc. When you want to edit the description, you just need to check the box before each description, input the new description and then click Change button to save the new one.

By clicking Open action tab, you can edit the PDF Open action like initial view, hiding menu bar, hiding tool bar, resizing window to initial page, etc. Please see Open action tab in Figure 2.

Open action tab of Advanced PDF Tools

Figure 2

If you want to set the page options like page rotation, page size, page scale, page range, etc. for newly created PDF document, please click on Pages tab and then edit each option in it according to your needs. Please see the tab in Figure 3.

Pages tab of Advanced PDF Tools

Figure 3

If you want to optimize PDF document to reduce its file size, you can choose to remove its information like metadata, javascript, bookmark, private data, etc. in Optimize tab which is shown in Figure 4 or compress different format of images in input PDF document with multiple supplied compression methods in Image tab which is shown in Figure 5.

 Optimize tab of Advanced PDF Tools

Figure 4

Image tab of Advanced PDF Tools

Figure 5

If the original description is not enough, you can customize new one (s) in Custom fields tab shown in Figure 6. You just need to add the key name and key value in related box.


Figure 6

If you have finished in editing each kind of option, please click Change button and then all the changes will be saved in the input PDF document. For knowing more details about Advanced PDF Tools, please enter the homepage of the application.

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