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Ready to Release Four Free Online Converters

Ready to Release Four Free Online Converters

VeryPDF Online Tools, a website providing professional FREE online tools, is ready to release four new online converters which are:

image  Free Word to PDF Online            image   Free PDF to Word Online
image  Free Web to Image Online          image   Free Web to PDF Online

You can use these free online tools to convert Word to PDF, PDF to Word, Webpage to Image and webpage to PDF online without downloading any software. All the four software applications are standalone tools. Hence, you don’t need to install Adobe Acrobat, Office documents, or Image editors on your computer or cell phones. All the four online tools support the following browsers: Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer 9 and Opera.


imageFree Word to PDF Online 


  1.        Quick—only three steps are required.
  2.        Support three output fomats: DOC, DOCX, and RTF.                        
  3.        Convert PDF stored in Cloud (or servers).
  4.        Convert PDF stored on local disk                                  

       Related software

       If you want to set more options like set page orientation, add watermarks, combine Word files to a single PDF file, set passwords, specify page size, etc., you might be interested in the following tools:


imageFree PDF to Word Online


  1.        Only two steps are required.
  2.        Well maintain  original layout and color.
  3.        Not change original color.
  4.        Remain original images.

       Related software

       If you want to delete original images on PDF, retain or delete text box, set color depth and resolution, convert password protected PDF to Word, you can try the  following products:   


imageFree Web to Image Online 


  1.        Convert webpage to image online.
  2.        Support 5 image formats: BMP, PNG, JPG, PBM, TIF
  3.        Only three steps are required: enter a URL, choose a output format and click one button to start conversion.

       Related software

       If you want to create images in other formats like GIF and PDF, or set color depth, change image size, define resolution, or choose to convert the whole webpage to a single image file, you can try the following software:


imageFree Web to PDF Online


  1.        Convert webpage to PDF online without installing Adobe products.
  2.        Easy and quick—only two steps are required.
  3.        Well maintain the original color.
  4.        Well maintain the original layout.

         Recommended software

If you want to encrypt the result PDF, or add watermarks, footers, keywords, creators, on the result files, you can try the following tools:

If you want to try more online free converters, document viewers or PDF tools, please visit the homepage of VeryPDF Online Tools at All the tools on the website can be shared through email, face book, twitter, or blogs.

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About VeryPDF Online Tools

About VeryPDF Online Tools


VeryPDF Online Tools develops online PDF viewers, online Office viewers, online PDF editors, online PDF converters and other related online services. With these online tools, you can view any type of documents including PDF, PPT, Excel, images, web pages. etc. online; capture screen and share instantly; edit PDF quickly and conveniently.  VeryPDF Online Tools also provides customizable development packages and effective custom solutions in related areas. VeryPDF online tools include PDF online converters, PDF desktop products, PDF command line applications, PDF APIs and servers, etc.


PDF online converters are various free online tools which enable you to view PDF online, edit PDF online, print PDF online and convert PDF online. With the online converters, you can convert Word to PDF online, convert PDF to Word online, convert PDF to HTML online, and convert Web to PDF online, etc.

PDF desktop products are very useful tools which are developed to create PDF, split PDF, merge PDF, add PDF watermarks, encrypt PDF, decrypt PDF, etc. They are easy-to-use applications, which are commonly used to convert business office documents from or to other preferred formats.

PDF command line applications are designed for those who want to quickly convert PDF and process PDF in batches. PDF command line applications can be easily called from VC/VB/Delphi, ASP/PHP/.NET and other languages or scripts. You can use these online tools to convert Office documents to PDF, PCL to PDF, HTML to PDF, XPS to PDF, etc., vice versa.

PDF APIs and servers are online tools developed for software developers. Using this tools, developers can design programs which can convert PDF to Word, HTML, images, etc., and create PDF from other formats.

VeryPDF Online Tools provides effective custom solutions in device drivers for Microsoft® Windows®, generation reports and sheets, image conversion and processing, HTML, PDF, PCL, Postscript, EMF, WMF processing, image correction and document management.

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How to Use VeryPDF ShareShot?

How to Use VeryPDF ShareShot?

VeryPDF Shareshot is a free software application designed to help your capture any region on your computer screen, and  share the screenshots instantly. You can use it to capture images, windows, dialog box, text, or whole screen and share them instantly in Face book, blogs, twitters, etc. The following shows how to use this free screenshot tool.

VeryPDF Shareshot

1. Open VeryPDF ShareShot

You can double click the shortcut icon image  on your desktop to open this free tool. Then, you will find the icon appear on the taskbar at the bottom of the screen. Then you can proceed to the next step.


2. Activate a capture mode

Please click the icon on the taskbar, and a menu appears as illustrated below.  Please choose any of the three capture modes to start capturing screen shots.

Three capture modes:

  • Capture region mode—selecting Capture region on the menu or pressing Print on the keyboard, you can activate the region mode and start to capture any area on your screen.
  • Capture window mode—choosing Capture window on the menu or hitting Alt+Print on the keyboard, you can activate the capture window mode to capture windows by clicking on the window you want to capture.
  • Capture full screen mode—clicking on Capture full screen on the menu, or hitting Ctrl+Print, you can activate the full screen mode to capture the whole screen instantly.

Three capture creenshot modes

VeryPDF Shareshot can also automatically remember the last screenshot, so if you choose Capture last region, you don’t have to repeat the action you’ve just done.


3. Capture screenshots

  • 3.1. If choose capture region, you can capture any area on screen as follows:

Keep pressing the left mouse button down and dragging a rectangle on the screen.

capture screenshot online

Releasing the mouse button, you will find the built-in image editor on the screen as below. 

view image on image editor

  • 3.2. If choose Capture window, the windows or dialog boxes on the screen will be frozen, and you can click on the window or dialog box you want to capture. The built-in image editor will be openned instantly with the selected window or dialog box in the editor interface.
  • 3.3. If choose Capture full screen, the whole screen will be frozen, and you need to click on any point on the screen before the image editor window is opened. 


4. Edit image

In the built-in image editor, you can add rectangles, lines, text boxes, ellipses on the screenshot you have just captured.

Add elements—you can click the icons on the tool bar on the left side of the image editor to add rectangles, lines, ellipses, arrows and text on the screenshot you have captured.

Edit elements—If you want to change the thickness of lines, fill color of rectangles or ellipses, font style of text, you can click on image at first, and then do as follows:

  • To edit the text, please click on the text box and drag it to move it, or you can double click on it to open the text edit window, and then change the text font stype, size, color,etc.
  •  To change rectangles’ color, please click on the added rectangles, and then click   image  to change the line color, and click image to change the full color of the rectangles.


5. Share screenshots

After  adding text, rectangles, arrows, etc, you can share the edited screenshots instantly. Please click the Share button image, the screenshot will be uploaded to VeryPDF Online gallery immediately, and share the link with your friends.

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Why choose VeryPDF Online Flipbook?

Why choose VeryPDF Online Flipbook?

VeryPDF Online Flipbook is FREE software, which can help you convert PDF to flipbook easily. It is designed for Apple, Android portable devices, Sony eBook readers, Mac and Windows computers. With the help of this tool, you can make 3D effect eBook from PDF. You can use VeryPDF Online Flipbook to read your local PDF or any PDF file you store in Cloud, or on servers. VeryPDF Online Flipbook supports master password protected PDF files.

VeryPDF Online Flipbook

The following are some key features of VeryPDF Online Flipbook.

3D effect

You can create a flipbook with 3D effect from any PDF quickly and easily. The 3D effect makes you feel that you are really flipping a book when dragging on the screen. 

Flip pages swiftly

You can either drag mouse to slowly flip pages or double click on any page corner to quickly turn pages. The page your are dragging looks like a paper page, and can curve as a real one.

Zoom in and zoom out

To make the book fit reading, you may need to zoom in or zoom out the pages. There are three buttons for you to adjust the page size: zoom in, zoom out and switch to full screen.  

Designed for Apple, Android phones, computers…

With the help of VeryPDF Online Flipbook, you can enjoy reading at any place. No need to bring your PDF with you. No need to store your PDF on your cell phone… Just store your PDF on a free server like Dropbox and then use  VeryPDF Online Flipbook to open it anywhere.

Share flipbook on social network instantly

VeryPDF Online Flipbook supports social network. You can freely share your PDF with anyone online. Just send the link to your readers through email, twitter, facebook, blog, etc., and then they can read the flipbook without downloading anything like Acrobat or the PDF.

Want to convert PDF to flipbook free? Please visit the homepage of VeryPDF Online Flipbook by clicking Start enjoying reading right away. 

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