Capture and share screen images easily

You can use VeryPDF ScreenShot, a total free software application, to capture screen images and share them online quickly and easily. VeryPDF ScreenShot also provides a image editor and a text editor, with the help of which, you can add text and draw on the captured images. The following part shows how to capture screen images, edit screen images, upload screen images and share screen images .

captre screen image

1. Open VeryPDF ScreenShot

First of all, you can Free Download VeryPDF ScreenShot and install it on your computer. Normally, the application launched automatically. So, after installing it, you will find an icon which looks like a pen on the task bar at the bottom of your computer. Then, you can proceed to the next step. If you can’t find the icon on the task bar, you can double click the shortcut icon on desktop to open this tool.

2. Set Options

Right click the icon on the task bar, and the menu as follows will appear. Please do as follows:

  • Image editor setting

The default setting is to open the image editor automatically after capturing image on screen. In case you want to reset it, you can do as follows: move the mouse cursor to Quick settings—>hover over Screenshot destination—> click on the check box before Open in image editor.

  • Image upload setting

If you want to upload the captured images immediately, you can set as follows:  move the mouse cursor to Quick settings—>hover over Screenshot destination—> click on the check box before Share screenshot online.

You can also set options to save and print the captured images immediately after capturing screen images. 


3. Capture screen images

To start capturing a screen image, you can do as follows: click Capture region on the menu. –>drag the mouse on the screen to select a region, –> release the mouse. The image will be opened by the built-in image editor.

4. Edit screen image

You can use the image editor to add text, draw rectangles and ellipse on the screen image. The tool bar on the left side of the interface can be used to add lines, lines with arrows, rectangles, ellipses and text on the image. The tools change color of screen shots  above the list box can be used to change the color of lines and fill color.

tool bar     image 

5. Share screenshots online

You can also click the Share button share screenshots online to upload and share the modified image instantly. The images will be uploaded to’s gallery. You can send the link to your friends through twitter, facebook,email and blog.

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