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I called my this finding as 4S finding. I find this website which allows me to share my news, photos and screenshots with my friends. The most important is that this software is totally free. I am software lover as it can give me endless wonder of the world. But sometimes, I may meet difficulties that I can not settle then I need some experts in some area to help me. When the words is hard to express, I will turn to screenshot by this free software.

I talked too much about it, now let us have a first look at it then maybe you will know how to share screenshot online free yourself. It is so easy to use. Here is the link for you to share:

First, you need to free download this software to your PC.

Second, do the setting first.

  • When you double click its icon then the icon will show up on the right corn of the computer.
  • Right click this icon then go to setting part.
  • In the setting, you can choose whether edit the image or not. If you do not need to edit the image then you can share screenshot online directly.

Now let us take a random screenshot for example.

share shot

This news is from CNN entertainment part, I like this man and I Tom Cruise is still handsome. By this way, you can edit the image, like adding  some text information or others.After editing, you can click Share  then it will be uploaded to website automatically. By this way, you can share screenshot online free.

Third, you share it online if you need or save it locally.

You can choose to save the screenshot online or save it locally. If you need to save it locally, just by clicking File then save it to some folder. If you need to share screenshot online then share it. Once you share it,there will be a link produced automatically. Now let us check the link:

This software is so convenient  to use but it is really free. You can follow my way to share screenshot online.

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