How to create flipbook for your iPad online?

With the help of VeryPDF Online Flipbook, all users can easily create flipbook as long as the there is a computer and the net works.

VeryPDF Online Flipbook is a free online flipping book maker which can help you convert both local PDFs and remote PDFs that is stored in Cloud into flipping books online without the requirement of installing any other software.

As the development of PPC, more and more people like to view e-book or flipbook on it instead of computer. VeryPDF Online Flipbook is able to create a fashion flipbook for you iPad in a second as long as you take the following steps.

1. Open VeryPDF Online Flipbook at first

2. VeryPDF Online Flipbook allows to convert local PDF or online PDF to flipbook. If you want to convert local PDF to flipbook, please check the option Computer PDF File and then click the edit box or click Browse button. The file picker window will pop up and you are allowed to choose PDF document in it. If you need to convert online PDF to flipbook, please check the option Online PDF File and then input the URL in the edit box. Please see the following snapshot.

creat flipbook from online or local PDF

3. In Bookname edit box, please input the name of the created flipbook.

4. Choose one flipbook model from the four offered ones. Please see it in following snapshot.

choose model for created flipbook

5. Show or hide the buttons in created flipbook by choosing true (show the button) or false (hide the button). The buttons include Print, Download, Drag, Thumbnail, Autoplay, etc.

6. You can also choose different color for button bar background, text background and thumbnail background by clicking the corresponding edit box and choosing the colors that you like. 

7. Click View Flipbook button.

create flipbook by clicking this button

The created flipbook has its own URL and you can copy and send the URL to anybody to share your flipbook. On your iPad, as long as inputting the flipbook URL in the browser, you are able to smoothly view the created flipbook.

VeryPDF Online Flipbook runs well under Windows 7, Vista, XP, Mac OS 10.5 or above. It supports Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer 9 and Opera.

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