Convert PDF to flipping book Online

VeryPDF Online flipbook is a free online flipping book maker which can help you convert both local PDFs and remote PDFs that is stored in Cloud into flipping books online without installing any software.

It enables you to embed e-books, e-magazines, e-catalogs, e-newspapers, or any other types of digital documents into a website or blog. VeryPDF Online flipbook makes reading to be more delightful and enjoyable.

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Key Features

Convert PDF to flipping book online

Both local PDF, which you stored on your PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, or other mobile devices, and remote PDF, which you stored in Cloud like Dropbox, can be converted to flipbooks easily.

Share online flipping book instantly

You can share the flipping books immediately after you created them. You can either send the links to your friends through Twitter, email, Facebook, or embed the flipping books into your blog and website.

Change flipping book skin freely

You can freely change the skin templates for the result online flipping books between different styles: from simple to deluxe, from cool to sweet, from idyllic to modern, etc. Also can you choose to display or hide the buttons.

How to use?

To convert PDF to flipping books online, please do as follows:

Step 1. Visit the product page of VeryPDF Online Flipbook

Please visit the product page by clicking VeryPDF Online Flipbook. Then, you can view a brief introduction and some demos on the product page of Online Flipbook.

Step 2. Click Make Flipbook Online

To make a flipping book online, please click the Make Flipbook Online Now button which can be easily found on the product page of Online Flipbook. Then you will find yourself at the webpage of

Step 3. Take three steps to convert

In the use webpage, you can take three steps to convert a PDF to a flipping book:

1.Input PDF

To convert a local PDF, please click the radio button before Computer PDF File and click Browse to open a dialog box where you can select a PDF from your local disk. To convert a PDF stored on some server, you can click the radio button before Online PDF file, and then input the URL of that PDF in the edit box. In case you just want to view some demos, you can click on any sample presented under Book Demos, and then proceed to the next step.

2.Choose a template

You can choose a set of skin template at the second part by clicking the radio button before the template you like. If you want to hide buttons, you can do come selection. Otherwise, please proceed to the next step. To reset the options, please click. Reset.


Click the button View Flipbook and in a few sends later, you can find that the result flipping book appears on the screen.

Step 4.Save and Share You can click the download button to save the result PDF to your local disk. Or you can click the share button to share the flipping book to your Facebook, Twitter, blog, etc. This is how you can use our tool to convert. If you have any questions, please contact us by sending emails to Learn More About Flipbook Online