How do I add text to a background item in a picture?

How do I add text to a background item in a picture?

Question:I know how to add text to a picture. But what I would like to do is add "graffiti" to something in the background of the photo to make it look like it belongs. For example, I have this picture of a couple I did engagement photos for. They’re standing in the forest  covered with graffiti. I’ve removed the graffiti but I’d like to add something to it like "Guy and Girl 2012" or whatever. I want it to look like it was actually written on the picture. I don’t have Photoshop (lame I know) so I’d need a program I can use or download online. If it is free that would be the best solution.


Solution: Here is free online downloading software named VeryPDF ShareShot.

This is a suit of totally free online software. It can extract fonts styles in your Windows system automatically. So If you can download some graffiti fonts to computer,you can add them to image file. In the following part, I will take a random wedding picture file for example.

  • Please go to Shareshot webpage first to know more about this software.
  • Download Shareshot to computer and install it like other GUI software.
  • If installation finishes, there should be one icon on the desktop. Double click it, it will be shown at the right corner of screen.
  • Double click it to enter its setting menu option. Know a little bit more from the following snapshot of software interface.

menu option of Shareshot
             Fig. 1.  menu option of Shareshot

  • Please make sure choose Open in image editor.
  • In the General menu option, you can set hotkeys for using.
  • If use the hotkeys as default, please press Print on the keyboard.
  • Now you can screenshot  the area you need and the size of image will be show automatically.
  • Then the image file will be shown in the image editor like the following snapshot.

example for adding graffiti on image
        Fig. 2. example for adding graffiti on image

By this software, not only you can add graffiti on image but also you can edit many kinds of image. After adding, you can either save it locally or upload in online by clicking Share.

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Share Picture Online

Share Picture Online

In this article, I will introduce you a freeware whose name is VeryPDF Shareshot. It can be called three-in-one tool: snapshot tool, upload image tool and image editor tool.

Property: Freeware

Download link:


Used it as a snapshot tool:

When you use it as a snapshot tool, one press in one second can help you finish the task.

  • Download Shareshot to your PC and allow it run in your PC.
  • If small icon shown up on the screen, you installed it successfully.
  • Please double click its icon then a smaller one will show up in the right bottom of the screen.
  • Right click its icon and go Setting menu option.

output setting

  • You can set its location and naming rule in advance.
  • The snapshot images will be saved in some folder.

Used it as a upload image tool :

When you use it as a upload image tool, it can help you finish the whole process automatically.

  • Same as last method, you need to install it to you PC.
  • The come to the setting part.

setting options

  • Please choose this option in yellow then this software will help you upload image automatically.


Used it as a image editor tool:

  • Same as last method, you need to install it to you PC.
  • Now you need to choose Open in image editor option.
  • Press Print on the keyboard.
  • Draw the captured region according to your needs.
  • Then the captured image will be shown in the image editor automatically.

open in image editor 

When you finish the editing, you can save is locally or upload it to the website. If you upload it to the website, there will be link for you. By this link, anyone can share your new deigns and new findings.

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Three seconds to take website screenshot

Three seconds to take website screenshot

Taking website screenshot is probably one of the most commonly tasks or needs on the internet – especially for those who write blog or work as a journalist. This week, VeryPDF developed new software based on this needs, a website free service which allows you to take website screenshots. In the market, there are many similar products, this article just aims to give you some clue to compare those website screenshot software.

Supported operating systems:Windows 2000 / XP / Server 2003 / Vista / Server 2008 / 7 and Later systems, both 32bit and 64bit systems.

Downloading link:


Brief introduction

  •  Specify capture region intuitively.
  • One click to capture full screen.
  • Capture Windows.
  • Share website screenshot directly online.
  • Allow you to edit website screenshot.
  • Allow to add annotation to website screenshot.
  • Website screenshot destinations can be chosen or set in advance.
  • Website screenshot quality can be set in advance, better quality will be large is size.
  • Real camera effect, like flashlight. 

How to take snapshot for website screenshot?

  • Download VeryPDF ShareShot from its official website:
  • Run it and double click its icon.
  • Right click its icon on the right bottom of the screen icon .
  • Press Print on the keyboard to capture website screenshot. This is the news from CNN about “Euro 2012: The best photos”.

website in image editor.

Attention please:This software is totally free and there are more freeware on

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About VeryPDF Online Tools

About VeryPDF Online Tools


VeryPDF Online Tools develops online PDF viewers, online Office viewers, online PDF editors, online PDF converters and other related online services. With these online tools, you can view any type of documents including PDF, PPT, Excel, images, web pages. etc. online; capture screen and share instantly; edit PDF quickly and conveniently.  VeryPDF Online Tools also provides customizable development packages and effective custom solutions in related areas. VeryPDF online tools include PDF online converters, PDF desktop products, PDF command line applications, PDF APIs and servers, etc.


PDF online converters are various free online tools which enable you to view PDF online, edit PDF online, print PDF online and convert PDF online. With the online converters, you can convert Word to PDF online, convert PDF to Word online, convert PDF to HTML online, and convert Web to PDF online, etc.

PDF desktop products are very useful tools which are developed to create PDF, split PDF, merge PDF, add PDF watermarks, encrypt PDF, decrypt PDF, etc. They are easy-to-use applications, which are commonly used to convert business office documents from or to other preferred formats.

PDF command line applications are designed for those who want to quickly convert PDF and process PDF in batches. PDF command line applications can be easily called from VC/VB/Delphi, ASP/PHP/.NET and other languages or scripts. You can use these online tools to convert Office documents to PDF, PCL to PDF, HTML to PDF, XPS to PDF, etc., vice versa.

PDF APIs and servers are online tools developed for software developers. Using this tools, developers can design programs which can convert PDF to Word, HTML, images, etc., and create PDF from other formats.

VeryPDF Online Tools provides effective custom solutions in device drivers for Microsoft® Windows®, generation reports and sheets, image conversion and processing, HTML, PDF, PCL, Postscript, EMF, WMF processing, image correction and document management.

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