How to add PDF Annotation online? VeryPDF Online PDF annotator is designed for those who like reading, annotating and sharing. With Online PDF annotator, you can view PDF online, add notes and opinions to PDF online, and share brilliant opinions instantly.  You don’t need to worry about disk space. No need to download software. To use this FREE online software, please visit the webpage of VeryPDF Online PDF annotator. Key Features Add text to PDF online— you can add text annotation to PDF online, change the text color, select font size, and even move the inserted text to another place. opinions online—you can send the link to others and invite them to add comment or reply to the former comment added by you. Draw on PDF online—you can draw images, lines, on PDF pages, and change the color. Highlight text online—the hightlight pen is commonly used to mark the important words, lines, paragraphs.  Add comment online—You can either add a point or use a rectangle to enclose the important part and then add explanation beside the page. How to use? Step 1. Visit the webpage of VeryPDF Online PDF annotator. Step 2. Click  Use PDF Annotator Online Now   Click the Use PDF Annotator Online Now button to go to The PDF sample is demonstrated by default.  If you want to change the sample to your own PDF, please proceed to the next step. Step 3. Input your PDF To view and comment on online PDF like the PDF you put in Dropbox,  you can do as follows: copy the link of PDF, => paste it to the edit box before the button Open, => and then click Open. It will take a couple of seconds to open the PDF. Step 4. Add PDF annotation Click the Comment combo box. => Select a PDF annotation type, say, Point Comment, and then a read point will appear. => Click near the word you want to add explanation. Then a edit box appears beside the page. => You can input text in the edit box. If you want to reply a former comment, just click Reply. Step 5. Save and share To save the PDF annotation, you can click the Save button, and then a dialog box appears, and you can choose a place on your local disk to store the PDF with annotation. To share the PDF with others, or to invite others to add comment on the PDF, or reply to your comments, you can send the link to others instantly. Learn More about Online PDF Annotator