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As we all know that there are different kinds of PDF descriptions in one PDF document like tile, subject, author, creator, producer, password, etc. If you want to edit or change these information, you may need to open the PDF document and change them one by one. But if you have VeryPDF Advanced PDF Tools installed on your computer, you will be able to make this work with high quality and efficiency.

Advanced PDF Tools is able to edit PDF description, set Open action for the edited PDF document, modify the page size, optimize PDF by removing metadata, javascript, bookmark, etc., compress image, customize new description, etc. The batch process mode allows you to edit PDF property fast one time.

If you need to use this application, please download it via clicking here. Just by double clicking the installer and following with the installation wizard, you will be easily finish the installation process. Then you can open Start menu or double click the application icon to launch Advance PDF Tools. You will see a tab control in the interface and the default one is Summary tab which is shown in Figure 1.

summary tab of Advanced PDF Tools

Figure 1

Now what you need to do is to add PDF document into the application. You can click Open button to open file picker window and choose document from it or you can directly drag the file you need and drop into the file list.

In this tab, you can edit different properties for input PDF document like title, subject, author, keywords, etc. When you want to edit the description, you just need to check the box before each description, input the new description and then click Change button to save the new one.

By clicking Open action tab, you can edit the PDF Open action like initial view, hiding menu bar, hiding tool bar, resizing window to initial page, etc. Please see Open action tab in Figure 2.

Open action tab of Advanced PDF Tools

Figure 2

If you want to set the page options like page rotation, page size, page scale, page range, etc. for newly created PDF document, please click on Pages tab and then edit each option in it according to your needs. Please see the tab in Figure 3.

Pages tab of Advanced PDF Tools

Figure 3

If you want to optimize PDF document to reduce its file size, you can choose to remove its information like metadata, javascript, bookmark, private data, etc. in Optimize tab which is shown in Figure 4 or compress different format of images in input PDF document with multiple supplied compression methods in Image tab which is shown in Figure 5.

 Optimize tab of Advanced PDF Tools

Figure 4

Image tab of Advanced PDF Tools

Figure 5

If the original description is not enough, you can customize new one (s) in Custom fields tab shown in Figure 6. You just need to add the key name and key value in related box.


Figure 6

If you have finished in editing each kind of option, please click Change button and then all the changes will be saved in the input PDF document. For knowing more details about Advanced PDF Tools, please enter the homepage of the application.

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